Facebook's 7th Year Anniversary

Posted by Wayne | Friday, February 04, 2011

Facebook Turns 7!
Facebook, one of the biggest websites on the planet, celebrates its seventh anniversary on Friday.

Through the years, the social network has transformed from a college-only social hub to the most popular website in the world. Five hundred million users, billions of pageviews and a never-ending supply of embarrassing status message updates after its launch, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane.

Back in February 2004, did anyone have any idea that a college social networking site could redefine the Internet era as we know it? We doubt it.

Mashable created a gallery to highlight the biggest Facebook events (and controversies) over the years.

Share your thoughts on Facebook’s last seven years in the comments — as well as where you think the site will be in the years to come.


February 4, 2004 - TheFacebook.com launches at Harvard University.

June 2004 - The Facebook moves to Palo Alto, California.

September 2004 - The Groups application is added and the Wall makes its debut.

December 2004 - Facebook reaches 1 million users.


August 2005 - TheFacebook becomes Facebook.com.

September 2005 - Facebook expands to high school students.

October 2005 - The Photos application makes its debut.

December 2005 - Facebook reaches 5.5 million users.


April 2006 - Facebook Mobile debuts.

August 2006 - Facebook Platform launches, Notes application debuts, Facebook partners with Microsoft.

September 2006 - Facebook News Feed launches, users revolt against privacy settings. Facebook opens to all users.

December 2006 - Facebook has 12 million users.


May 2007 - Facebook F8 Developer conference launches Facebook Platform and Facebook Apps.

August 2007 - Facebook releases iPhone optimized site.

October 2007 - Facebook Platform for Mobile, Microsoft invests big in Facebook.

November 2007 - Facebook Ads launch, users complain about Beacon.


March 2008 - Facebook adds privacy controls to Friend List.

April 2008 - Facebook launches Facebook Chat.

July 2008 - Facebook Connect debuts and Facebook for iPhone hits the App Store.

September 2008 - New Facebook becomes permanent despite user backlash.


February 2009 - Facebook introduces “Like” feature and TOS changes bring controversy.

June 2000 - Facebook usernames launch.

August 2009 - Facebook acquires FriendFeed.

October 2009 - Facebook changes its privacy policy

December 2009 - Facebook has 350 million users.


April 2010 - Open Graph API launches.

May 2010 - Facebook privacy issues reach overdrive.

July 2010 - Facebook reaches 500 million users.

August 2010 - Facebook Places launches, privacy concerns grow.

October 2010 - The Social Network debuts to rave reviews.

December 2010 - Time magazine names Mark Zuckerberg "Person of the Year."


January 2011 - Facebook valued at $50 billion.

Facebook is 7 years now. Little did we know how revolutionary it would become. Now it's a $50 billion empire. Incredible!

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