101 Killer Blog Post Ideas

Posted by Wayne | Monday, February 07, 2011

Below you’ll find a list of 101 different blog post ideas (though I’m sure there are more that I couldn’t think of). So when you’re stuck and need some blogging inspiration, just do one of the following.

1. Write reviews of physical products
2. Review infoproducts
3. Review software
4. Review books
5. Review magazines
6. Review (and critique) other blogs in your niche
7. Review websites (that aren’t blogs) in your niche
8. List things learned from a book
9. Write out things learned from a magazine
10. Make a list of your favorite niche-related quotes
11. Create specific, step-by-step how-to posts (like how to install WordPress)
12. Create more general how-to posts (like how to make it through college)
13. Explain the best way to buy things in your niche (like buying new vs. used, things to keep in mind when buying X, etc.)
14. Share where to buy things in your niche (recommended online stores that have the best prices)
15. Create a beginner’s guide to something
16. Rant about something that really rubs you the wrong way
17. Write a post elucidating the pros and cons of something
18. Create an infographic (my infographic course should be good to go by the end of February, btw)
19. Make charts and graphs
20. Shoot your own videos
21. Embed other people’s videos from YouTube or Vimeo
22. Write about case studies that other people have done
23. Conduct your own research or case study
24. Link to your favorite blogs or websites
25. Compile a list of online tools that people in your niche can use
26. List related and relevant forums
27. Write a Things You Don’t Know About Me post
28. Write about how to improve a skill that people want to improve
29. Write about some appropriate goals to set in your particular niche
30. Release your own free ebooks
31. Create a list of other people’s free ebooks
32. Make a huge list of something (like this one)
33. Have someone write a guest post for your blog
34. Explain things you wish you had known or done differently
35. Make a note to your future self
36. Let your readers know how to make money doing whatever you’re blogging about
37. Research some little-known facts relating to something or someone in your niche
38. Unveil features of software that most people aren’t aware of
39. Write about the history of _____
40. Express your opinion about a recent news event or practice
41. Predict the future of something (a blog, a company, etc.) or someone (a blogger, a celebrity, an authority in your niche, etc.)
42. Interview leaders and influencers in your niche
43. Interview Average Joes in your niche
44. Write about common misconceptions that people outside of your niche community have
45. Write about common misconceptions that exist within your niche community
46. Create profiles of companies in your niche
47. Profile famous people in your niche (do your research and write a short biography)
48. Email someone a list of questions and post the questions along with the answers
49. Ask your readers a specific question about something
50. Ask your readers for general feedback about your blog
51. Conduct polls
52. Play the devil’s advocate on a particular issue
53. Write about your own journey in your particular niche (how you got started, etc.)
54. Write about where your blog was or what you posted 1, 2, or X number of years ago.
55. Write about where you’d like your blog to be in the future
56. Write about where you were (with regards to your niche) 1, 2, or X number of years ago
57. Write about where you’d like to be (with regards to your niche) in the future
58. Write about where you see your niche in the future
59. Share your specific goals and how you plan to achieve them
60. Pick a problem that you see and postulate how it could be fixed
61. Do a collaborative post where you ask a few (or several?) other bloggers their take on something
62. Write about a movie that is related to your niche (maybe including what they got wrong in the movie or what you learned from it)
63. Use analogies to tie your topic to something seemingly unrelated
64. Ask your significant other to write for your blog
65. Write about the challenges of blogging in your particular area of expertise or niche
66. Share some tips for blogging in your particular area of expertise or niche
67. Make a list of your favorite blogs
68. Explain what NOT to do in your niche
69. Write about great podcasts to listen to that relate to your niche
70. Run a contest on your blog
71. Write about how to use Twitter and Facebook, but apply it to people in your niche. If you blog about rock climbing for example, you could write about how you can find climbing partners through Twitter or Facebook.
72. Write a parody or satire post
73. Compile a list of the best niche-related jokes
74. Draw a picture or comic
75. Write a best-of posts for a certain period of time (like the best social media blogs of the past week or of 2010, etc.)
76. Break some news
77. Links to other recent or especially relevant blog posts
78. Write a poem
79. Conduct a survey
80. Write about your favorite books in your niche (and link to them on Amazon so you can get a commission)
81. Showcase the best comments that you receive
82. Write a post around a particularly good or controversial comment
83. Create a post of your favorite images. They could be funny, inspiring, odd, etc.
84. Create a comprehensive list of the best blog posts or articles around a certain topic
85. Write about a hypothetical situation and what would happen or how you’d react if that occurred (like if Twitter died or if you broke your leg and couldn’t go mountain biking)
86. Write out your guest post guidelines
87. Make a list of great people to follow on Twitter
88. Compile a list of frequently asked questions
89. Write about how NOT to do something
90. Explain how to do something in your niche faster
91. Talk about your personal experiences as far as they relate to your blog and niche (like how having a baby made you a more responsible whitewater kayaker)
92. Write a 10 commandments of or 7 deadly sins of or 5 pillars of post (or something else that’s similar)
93. Write a manifesto
94. Provide templates of some kind (like sample Excel spreadsheet budgets if you’ve got a personal finance blog or road trip planner if you’ve got a travel blog)
95. List your best blog posts
96. List your worst blog posts
97. Link to interesting patents related to your niche (check out Google Patents for that)
98. Take someone else’s blog post title and, without reading the post, write your own post. Feel free to change the title once you’re done.
99. Write an article in response to someone else’s post
100. Talk about the ideal skill set to have in your niche
101. Write about what you’d do with $1000 (or some other amount) if you HAD to spend it on something related to your niche.

This list should be good enough to help you overcome any blogger’s block you might have and I am sure there's a lot more. Good luck, and feel free to comment or add something!

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