Research from comScore has concluded that Indonesia is the planet's most Twitter-addicted nation. According to the data, 20.8 percent of Indonesians online visited Twitter during June 2010, with the country scoring the highest percentage rate of Twitter usage amongst of any nation's online population.

Indonesian isn't the only Asian nation recognized as strong, from the continent Japan (5th with a 16.8% reach), Philippines (6th with a 14.8% reach), Singapore (9th with a 13.3%), South Korea (16th with a 9.3% reach), India (18th with a 8.0% reach) and Malaysia (19th with a 7.7% reach).


It is important to consider a number of factors which may have influenced the results of this research before analyzing its significance.

- As is often the case with comScore research, websites visits from public computers - such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs - are not included in the data. This compromises the overall validity of the data as many of the newest internet-enabled people in developing markets like Asia and South America access through the mobile web, which has more than 300 million users in China, for example, though of course Twitter is blocked there. That said, many mobile Twitter users are likely to have logged into the site using fixed-line internet connections.

- The data includes traffic number to alone and does not count usage of third party sites and applications. With many preferring to access Twitter through third parties, traffic to Twitter's website does not reflect overall usage. However, assuming the data measures unique users, it seems likely a large proportion of Twitter users would visit the official site at least once in a month, therefore registering them in comScore's data. So while this factor affects the data, it is likely to be less of a factor than not included public internet access.

- The report does not cover every country in the world, instead focusing on the 41 which are currently tracked by comScore. While it is unlikely any of the markets that lie off the comScore radar can rival many of the top ranked countries, it should be remembered that its data is from a restricted list of countries, though this does include the world's most prominent digital markets.

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