Posted by Wayne | Monday, October 16, 2006

What do great leaders and fantastic lovers have in common?

Charisma- the powerful presence that draws other people to a person that ability to command attention and inspire devotion and enthusiam from other people.

How to have charisma...

1. ) SMILE TWO SECONDS LONGER THAN THEY DO. Make it a habit to smile a little wider, and a little longer. Its like you're a person who's seldom in a good mood.

2. ) TAKE A CHECK-UP FROM NECK DOWN. Examine your clothes. Clothes are good investment.

3. ) GIVE SINCERE COMPLIMENTS. A sincere compliment could perk up a day.

4. ) RESPOND TO PEOPLE'S EMOTION, NOT TO WHAT THEY SAY. Have a remarkable ability to relate to other people feeling.

5. ) MAINTAIN A CHILDLIKE FASCINATION FOR THE WORLD IN WHICH YOU LIVE. The expression of wide-eyed wonder is another aspect of charisma. It's the essence of surprise delight, and joy that a charismatic person displays when listening to someone whos talking about his special interest.

Once you project charisma, the world will fall at your feet, winks!

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Posted by Wayne | Monday, October 09, 2006

- obvious cues
- mysterious meetings
- no more family time
- out of cash
- no more communication
- he/she is full of lies
- he avoids friends
- picky and irritated
- "KUTOB" (premonition) works

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Posted by Wayne | Monday, October 09, 2006

It has been a month since I wasnt able to update my blog for some reasons perhaps. One of it is because I was so busy with my work. It was when Sticky Media Solutions Inc. (where i work) announced that I'm one of the candidates for Project Manager. I cant barely believe I was one of them. It is a new project by John Nesmith, that is all about travel sites. It has 15 sites for linking campaign which needs sevaral linkbacks order of each site not to mention quality and relevance. According to our EVP (Executive Vice-President), this would be the highest paying project ever undertaken by a contract in our company. The said project needs one Project Manager and 2 Outsource Link Specialist. We were 4 candidates, so therefore there will be one candidate that will be eliminated from the team and that makes me worried since most of the candidates are well equipped with knowledge when it comes to SEO or search engine optimization and besides they are senior to me. All i did is to review all the knowledge i have learned and research on other informations which i lack.

On the day of the examination, I was so tense. But i prayed that even I wont make it as a Project Manager atleast I wont be eliminated and be part of the team as one of the members. Besides, i believe I am not ready for the position. I still needs more experience while i believe in the saying "greater power needs greater responsibility". Im not greedy of the hierarchy of positions because I do believe everything has its own time and reasons. The administration conducted a series of examinations and interviews. I gave my best shot. In fact, I topped one of the examinations since it has two parts. And i believe I did well also in the interview portion. But in the end, unfortunately, I didnt make it as the Project Manager, instead I became one of the members. It is an honor for me to be part of the team, it only means Im good and the company do trust my abilities. I had my raise in my salary, woo hoo. So far, this is the best achievement I ever have in my enitre career life. Somehow, right now, where doing great in that project and hoping to excel more and be excellent in every dealings that i do.

"The price of greatness is responsibility" by Winston Churchill

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